[Scribus] Compile error Scribus 1.0.1: undefined reference to `FT_Get_First_Char'

Jeremy NAUS rumey
Tue Sep 23 00:48:52 CEST 2003


just tried to compile Scribus 1.0.1 and got this error:
scfonts_ttf.o: In function `sc_TTFont::Type42Trailer(QString &)':
scfonts_ttf.o(.text+0x28ae): undefined reference to `FT_Get_First_Char'
scfonts_ttf.o(.text+0x2c3b): undefined reference to `FT_Get_Next_Char'
scfonts_ttf.o: In function `Foi_ttf::ReadMetrics(void)':
scfonts_ttf.o(.text+0x3959): undefined reference to `FT_Get_First_Char'
scfonts_ttf.o(.text+0x39af): undefined reference to `FT_Get_Next_Char'
scfonts.o: In function `Foi_postscript::ReadMetrics(void)':
undefined reference to `FT_Get_First_Char'
undefined reference to `FT_Get_Next_Char'
util.o: In function `GlyNames(QMap<unsigned int, QString> *, QString)':
util.o(.text+0x3c3a): undefined reference to `FT_Get_First_Char'
util.o(.text+0x3ce6): undefined reference to `FT_Get_Next_Char'
util.o: In function `GlyIndex(QMap<unsigned int, PDFlib::GlNamInd> *,
util.o(.text+0x3dac): undefined reference to `FT_Get_First_Char'
util.o(.text+0x3f1c): undefined reference to `FT_Get_Next_Char'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

./configure gives me as summary:

Configuration Summary:

FreeType2 installed: Yes
CUPS installed: Yes
LittleCMS installed: No
TiffLib installed: Yes

The error I get seems about FreeType (of which I have version 2.1.5) but
I don't know what I did wrong (./configure seems to find it)

I checked on this list for possible solutions but haven't found any yet.
I'd really like to get Scribus 1.0.1 since Scribus 0.9.X doesn't
recognise all my ttf-fonts :(



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