[Scribus] 1.1 and CVS

PFJ paul
Mon Sep 22 10:13:25 CEST 2003


> Unless I am doing something incorrectly, the anonymous cvs seems to 
> contain only 1.0.1. I understood that it was going to be updated with 
> 1.1. When will this happen? 

It will happen as soon as Franz and I are happy that the code base is
stable enough for us to be able to handle the bug reports as well as
continue to add features. Work did slow down when we opened the pre 1.0
branch to people. I cannot give a time as yet.

> Why are there two repositories in the first 
> place, and has any thought been given to putting a few procedures / 
> guidelines in place that would expand opportunities for others to 
> contribute?

As Peter has said, it's really down to bandwidth. Franz and I commit to
the one in Germany which should get mirrored over on the the Salford
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