[Scribus] 1.1 and CVS

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Mon Sep 22 04:23:44 CEST 2003

On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 20:54, Keith Lancaster wrote:
> Unless I am doing something incorrectly, the anonymous cvs seems to 
> contain only 1.0.1. 

> I understood that it was going to be updated with 1.1.
>  When will this happen?

1.1 has a lot more radical changes and reworking of the code than the
releases leading to 1.0. 

I won't speak for Franz or Paul, but my guess is from our discussions -
the wish is to get some of these changes finished, before re-opening CVS
to daily downloads. When ? I do not know exactly. 

>  Why are there two repositories in the first 
> place, and has any thought been given to putting a few procedures / 
> guidelines in place that would expand opportunities for others to 
> contribute?

The first CVS was set up mostly for Franz and Paul to work on the code
together and to allow me to test daily the new code, as well as keep up
to date on the docs. I do not think this was ever really meant to be
publically accessible in the first place. And I do not beleive
altmeuhlnet.net really has the bandwidth to support anoncvs. The Scribus
1.0 release made altmeuhlnet.net unreachable at times for 2 solid days -
thanks to the Slashdot article.

The anoncvs came about, thanks to Paul Johnson getting his employer to
sponsor it, donate space and bandwidth. 

In the past months I have devoted a lot more time to testing code and
hunting bugs than the docs, but for 1.0 that was important. That
continues, but I am refocusing on the docs and helping to maintain the
new scribus.org.uk site. 

As for contributions, they are always welcome and the best way is to
send them to Paul and or Franz for commits intially. Once they are
confident of your coding, they probably would grant write access at some

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