[Scribus] Download links for 1.1.0

Christoph Rudorff christoph.rudorff
Thu Sep 11 01:07:08 CEST 2003

Am Donnerstag, 11. September 2003 00:19 schrieb Joe Villari:
> Lots of good links but I'm running Yellow Dog on a PPC. Redhat rpm
> might work but in general RPMs are problematic for me.
> I'll poke around YDL site some.
> Is there a command line command I can use to check and see if I have
> it installed already? Locate didn't turn up anything to suggest
> lib_art -devel was there.

Yellow Dog is rpm based, isn't it?
Hey, RPM is the answer! Simply ask what u have installed and grep for 
what u are looking for:

rpm -qa | grep libart | sort
Some Informations? rpm -qi <package-name>
What files? rpm -ql <package-name>
Who dumped all these dll's here? rpm -qfi <filename>

More options? man rpm
but i presume, YD coded a nice GUI Tool for that! kpackage ? !

hope that helps


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