[Scribus] Scripting

Jacek Kijewski jacek
Wed Sep 10 17:52:09 CEST 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Marshall Lake wrote:

> > The Python Scripter plug-in has also been updated.
> I'm new to desktop publishing.  In the near future I plan on producing a
> large document (I expect it to take up an entire CD-ROM) in PDF form
> hopefully using Scribus.
> Can someone briefly explain to me the advantages of scripting in Scribus?

You can automate processing of document. If you install python plugin, you
will get also some examples.

I am now trying to write script, which will process the pre-tagged text in
text frames. I have not much time, but I need it :)

> I have never used Python.  Would it be worth my while to learn the
> language in order to do scripting on Scribus?  Is scripting on Scribus
> available in any other languages?

Python is like Basic, Pascal or PHP. It takes a hour or two to learn the
basic command and structures. Python is also well documented, so it does
not matter you use Python or something else.

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