[Scribus] Outside question

Patrick magicpage91
Tue Sep 9 17:27:02 CEST 2003

Hi List,

I am in conversation with a gentleman that just compiled Scribus for his
Sparc.  As you might have guessed, I do push Scribus to others, even
on a possibile competitors mail list.  He is a past Amiga PageStream
user as I and was anxiously awaiting it's return, but now to Linux.  Not
sure if it will happen and not sure it will be worth purchasing, when
Scribus is here already doing a great job!  I am on that mail list as
well, watching it's progress to see if there is actually a working
version in this decade.  ;o)

Anyway, Jack had a question about Scribus and it's "commercial"
abilities, so I thought I would pass along his questions.  You can
respond directly to him or me or the list with your comments as I will
pass them along.  I suggested he join the list as well.

Here is the quote:

Yes I did compile it over the weekend, it seams to be nice, but what
about spot color, PMS matching, I can see it would work ok for 4 color
sep, and I understand it does 4 color CMYK on the fly if you have 
RGB graphics, I haven't used it too much but it looks good. I know
Pagestream has these features and more.

Another issue I have is designing graphics as I would in Adobe
Illustrator, there are a few that look fair but no pms spot colors,
trapping, crop marks etc. these are essential for commercial work as,
inposition is also a feature missing from most DTP Layout Aps. This is
very important when you run a Large 4 Color Press and need
To output film for those large metal plates.

Thanks for you input and help Peter, Paul & Franz!


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