[Scribus] Is there really a necessity for a new Scribus-Tutorial?

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Tue Sep 2 22:17:29 CEST 2003

On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 12:05, Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> Hi friends,
> as I yesterday mentioned I started doing some work on a beginners-tutorial for Scribus.
> Looking around on Franz' Website I found a really nice tutorial in french, english and german there:
> http://web2.altmuehlnet.de/fschmid/doc.html
> So, is there really a necessity for creating one mor tut???
> Greetings,

The one you saw was an excellent tutorial done by Yves Ceccone, based on
much earlier version of Scribus - I think about 0.4.7/8 or so.

No, I do not see a need for a "new" tutorial, but what would be good
would be:

 a. in depth stuff on a special feature of Scribus like the one I did on
javascripting PDF. I am not really expert with cgi, but you could for
example use this for submittable PDF forms to a web server.

b. More sample Python scripts and document templates. Patrick just sent
me a couple of label templates which make it easy for printing mailing
labels for certain sizes. The Python scripts from Yves work really well
and accomplish a specific task. 

What I am doing in the quick start guide - 10 pages already - is to
start with an introduction of DTP concepts and then in depth
explanations of things like how the text boxes work, importing images
etc.. This is what I hope all the translators will work on first in
other languages, as I am trying very hard to give users some of the
subtle differences between DTP and word processors - this is where new
users often get stumped.   

Then, based translating Yves' superb most recent example of a
newsletter, the guide will walk step by step through the document
creation process. Then, the last parts are a lesson using the drawing
tools, which have become quite useful and powerful, along with some
hints for optimal printing with Scribus.


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