[Scribus] PDF depends on Zooming-Factor???

Thomas Zastrow chef
Mon Sep 1 21:30:36 CEST 2003


using Scribus 1.0 under Mandrake 9.0.

I've got a Text-Box with 2 lines (the word "Tuto - rial", yes, I've started to do some work for a Scribus-beginner-tutorial ...)

Just depending on the Zoom-Factor, the second line is visible / not visible, here's a screenshot:


(Btw: I've got a *lot* of problems with the font-handling ..., doesn't matter if PS or TTF ..., any ideas?? Perhaps a special tutorial, just how to work with fonts???)

When I export the file into PDF, it's the same - I didn't change anything on the document, just zomm in / zoom out, and the PDF shows - sometimes one, somtimes two lines, just like Scribus does ...



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