[Scribus] Scribus 1.1.3 on debian testing/unstable

Markus Roduner markus
Sun Nov 30 19:44:47 CET 2003

Hi there!

>Am Sonntag 30 November 2003 12:14 schrieb ephemeron:
> On 29. November 2003 at 8:26PM +0200,

> libcupsimage2-dev?
 I have this one and I even dist-upgraded, somehow fixed the problems with 
python dependencies (with --force-all, which is not so nice) and finally 
installed the package provided by Josep Febrer. But now I have a different 
problem: scribus (and lyx with QT too) doesn't start complaining about "No 
Keramik style available!" and if I change the style for KDE it just complains 
about another style lacking.

Where is the problem now? QT (I installed Febrers packages too: thanks for 
providing them!)?


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