[Scribus] printing a landscape pdf via cups

John Griessen john_g
Wed Nov 26 22:46:01 CET 2003

I have successfully used scribus to make postcards and it's truly fine compared to
attempting to get results with kword or abiword.  Thanks for all the development
and documentation efforts.  I will volunteer some documentation as I get scribus learned.

About orientation of pdf files and CUPS printing:
CUPS has a way to change from landscape to portrait  orientation of a USLetter or A4
sized sheet while printing.  
When outputtiing from scribus 
to pdf, I found no option to convert the orientation from landscape to portrait.   

Is there a way to change a pdf page from landscape, (The text runs the 
direction of the long edge of the paper) to create a pdf that is portrait 
oriented, and can be printed from the command line with CUPS default setting of portrait 
orientation?   That would be valuable for me, especially when a long time has passed between 
printing a document and I want more copies fast.   If CUPS settings
are still required, I could put them in a shell script that prints the pdf.

How about python scripts for printing from scribus?  Has anyone made examples?

Is there a way to run CUPS command line interface like:
lp -d okipage14e filename.pdf
and add some option that switches the printer mode to landscape?
I have not found that in CUPS documentation, and the printer configurations
do not imply any function like that -- may need to be done outside of CUPS.

Another question:   On the create pdf-file general tab menu, binding has choices
left and right, but not none.   For my uses, I will want to make margins of some
documents allow as much printable area as my specific printer will do.  In that case,
how would I create a pdf that is ready to print again with no settings required?  Would
I make a python script to use some of the internal code that the buttons and
menus trigger?
John Griessen   

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