[Scribus] Windows Port

Paul paul
Fri Nov 21 01:47:39 CET 2003


> Hi, can this lurker throw in his 2 cents?

Most certainly!

> Is there a concise guide to installing Scribus on my Win2k Pro system? I
> have gotten a list of "things I need" from Peter Linnell in the past, but it
> read as Chinese. Has anyone gotten it down to the hand-holding level? 

You need cygwin installed which, if memory serves, installs an
environment for running the software. I should be back in work next week
and will get the order off for Qt (Windows) and get going on a native
Windows version - you then run the installer and that's that.

I can't give an estimated time to getting it to work, but it will be
based on the 1.1.3cvs version as is. It will be more than likely a
binary only release as well.


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One browser to find them
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