[Scribus] scribus xml versus xsl fo?

Mark D. Anderson mda
Wed Nov 19 19:51:37 CET 2003

>>I can't find any documentation for Scribus' native xml file;
>>I just see programmatic parsing in scribusXml.cpp.
> Its here : 
> http://ahnews.music.salford.ac.uk:82/documentation/pdfs/docformat0.8.pdf
> This does need some minor updating for the new features, but will give
> you an idea.

Hmm, that is isn't really sufficient for automatic processing.
Is there a real dtd somewhere?
Or other kind of schema?
Or a collection of working samples?

I can't tell either how one is supposed to establish links to
external content. Is that supposed to be done with sgml includes,
or is there an attribute of PAGEOBJECT that says "get the element
content from here"?


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