[Scribus] Windows Port

ephemeron ephemeron
Wed Nov 19 07:27:21 CET 2003

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003 19:32:10 -0400 (AST),
Jason Crowtz wrote:
> It is very much in the interest of the Scribus community to
> release a version for Windows. Here's why:
> One: Let us remember that the vast majority of design and
> desktop publishing professionals have no ingrained allegiance
> to any particular operating system. They flock to the program,
> not the OS. Witness the move to the Mac in early 1980s due its
> position as the only practical choice to run affordable DTP
> (Desk Top Publishing) software,  [...]

A move from where?  If I remember correctly it was the informal
alliance between Adobe (thru its PostScript page description
technology), Aldus (thru its PageMaker DTP software) and Apple
(thru the Mac Classic but also thru its PostScript-enhanced
Laserwriters) that made DTP a buzzword.  I'm not too sure but it
was probably the late eighties at the earliest that the Macintosh
was considered a viable alternative to the traditonal high-end
prepress systems.  DTP as such was invented on the Mac, unless we
also count those cutesy dot-matrix banner printers on the PC as


> Three: The current method of running Scribus on Windows is
> simply unacceptable. Average users need a binary installation,
> period. No compiling, no installing KDE first, etc. One file,
> call it setup.exe or whatever, double-click on it and
> go. Anything else just won't fly.

I was under the impression that Scribus was a pure QT app.  At
least I can build it without any KDE development libraries
installed.  Part of the thrill of running open source is getting
it to build, even if your code-fu is, like mine, limited to
tweaking Makefiles.

> But a Scribus port for Windows, despite the time and resources
> it will consume, is a necessity for Scribus's future.


Franz and Paul are necessary for Scribus's future ;-).  Windows
is not.

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