[Scribus] plugins

Petr Vaněk petr
Mon Nov 17 17:28:05 CET 2003

hi all.

After the whole day source code study I know how Scribus plugins
work. But I cannot write - esp compile - some nothing-doing-minimalistic
one. Could someone do it for me? (e.g. plugin.cpp, plugin.h and (q)makefile)

And the 2nd question - what is the "4th type of plugin"?
  * 1 = the Plugin is a normal Plugin, which appears in the Extras Menue
  * 2 = the Plugins is a import Plugin, which appears in the Import Menue
  * 3 = the Plugins is a export Plugin, which appears in the Export Menue 
but 4 mentioned in ScribusApp::InitPlugs() - some helpPlug?!

I do appologise for this issue, but I'm not a seasoned C++ profi :-/

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