[Scribus] cvs from today: cmddialog.o: Compile Error

Paul paul
Sat Nov 15 23:47:10 CET 2003


> I got an compile error building cmddialog.o in /usr/local/src/Scribus/
> scribus/plugins 

Sorry about that - my fault.

To get around this.

1. In the offending cpp file, remove the line which #includes the header
of the cpp file (i.e. cmddialog.cpp and cmddialog.h)
2. Add the line #include <Python.h> to the top of the cpp file.
3. Remove the #include <Python.h> line from cmdutil.h

Unfortunately, that has to be done with most of the cpp files in the

This should work with Python 2.2 and 2.3


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