[Scribus] typographical suggestions

Petr Vaněk petr
Thu Nov 13 23:53:34 CET 2003

On Thursday 13 of November 2003 18:01, John Christian Stoddart wrote:
> Regarding typography and white space:
> How are ligatures handled in scribus? Is there auto ligature
> substitution? This might be able to be incorporated into a preference
> window somewhere and proves useful when using expert fonts.
> How are the en and em rule handled? Can I specify them in the text file
> (a la TeX)?

I've thought about it just three weeks (and use unbreakable space after 
monosyllable preposition too- czech typo rule). I'm planning to write some
plugin for this issue to automatize manual work with charmap.
There (in Czech) are some (sometimes) easy to recognize rules to use en - em
etc. How it's handled in other typos? Or is there any Scribus function
to do it without new features?

> Screen refresh seems slow and unresponsive, even on my relatively fast
> machine. When arriving at the bottom of the screen, instead of scrolling
> downwards automatically, the cursor disappears and reappears only when
> scrolling down manually.

I agree.

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