[Scribus] Problem inserting tiff image

Riku Leino Tsoots foom
Wed Nov 12 19:51:23 CET 2003

I'm trying to insert a tiff image to a document but have not managed to 
get it working. I'm using Scribus from cvs (checked out today) with 
Slackware Linux 9.1 and Gnome2.

Here's what I do. First I start a new document. Draw a picture frame in 
there and select get image from the pop up menu. Now I browse to my tiff 
image and select it. After this I can't see the image in document, only 
plain white image frame. And if I try to import the page in pdf or eps 
format I'll get an error message when trying to view the page with some 
viewer. I did try also with 1.0.1 and had no problems with it.
Now I'm wondering is it my system that's got something wrong in it or 
where's the problem. Is there anything else I should check and write 
here to make this information usefull. The document I created with the 
tiff image and exported eps and pdf files are available at 

One more thing. I had to use the python.patch by Simon Munton when 
compiling the source. I can remember some version from cvs where the 
patch was not needed from last week.


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