[Scribus] .moc problem

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Nov 11 07:29:40 CET 2003

Hi Patrick

> I also noticed that I again do not have the Help>About Scribus window. 
> I mentioned this on the last cvs I compiled from the cvs site and it 
> disappeared with the tar file Peter made available to me.  There is 
> something in the site cvs that does not compile correctly to allow that 
> information window to appear.  I hope I am not being too confusing.  It 
> may be that the png file is not with the downloadable CVS, not sure.

You see an error on build?

Franz and I were working on this one for awhile last night because I too
don't get a Help About box, even though the code requests the library
from the correct place and the library is built and put in the correct

If you run your Scribus from the command line you will see it complains
about not finding a plugin when you go to help about, which is when it
tries to load the library. 


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