[Scribus] CMYK/RGB

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Nov 9 15:05:08 CET 2003

> - Should one continue teaching beginners about the difference of CMYK and RGB?

I think so. It's still important to understand the fact that your 
different colourspaces can represent different sets of colours. 
Automatic conversion can't help out-of-gamut colours. I know I've seen 
brilliant yellow go to icky orange (I think that was it) at least once 
when one of the staff at work used an RGB image and didn't check it.

Now, if only some amazing genius would come up with a print process 
capable of representing any LAB colour so we could all stop worrying 
about this. CMYK computer video would be nice too - and might even be 
possible with some kind of reflective display technology.

Craig Ringer

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