[Scribus] error compiling cvs from 8/11/2003

Gerhard Gaussling ggnewsletter
Sat Nov 8 23:25:33 CET 2003

Hello Johannes,

Am Samstag, 8. November 2003 22:08 schrieb Johannes Wilm:

> > I don't have any Idea how to solve it, especially because Paul and
> > some others reported that it compile fine on their system
> > installation.
> moc-qt3 -o conswin.moc conswin.h
> you have to do that same thing with a couple of other .h-files in
> that dir.

In that tree there are 121 foo.h files and the Makefile created 6 
foo.moc files. I don't have to do moc-qt3 -o foo.moc foo.h on 115 
files? Not really,  isn't it? sigh... Or did you mean, only in the 
plugin folder?

debian:/home/gerhard/Scribus# find ./ -iname "*.h" |wc -l
debian:/home/gerhard/Scribus# find ./ -iname "*moc" |wc -l

Thank you


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