[Scribus] fedora upgrade weirdness

Paul paul
Thu Nov 6 22:48:29 CET 2003


> After upgrading to fedora core, scribus will from time to time hang when
> creating a document for the first time after starting it.  Sorry, to
> bother the list, as I don't think it is a scribus problem, but a
> redhat9->fedora upgrade problem.  I though maybe somebody with more
> knowledge of strace than I could help though.  Attached is some of the
> out put of strace at the point when scribus hangs.

To get strace to run...

Open a terminal window

strace scribus >out.txt

All errors should be shoved to the out.txt file.

My laptop has been using Fedora since it's initial test release and I'm
yet to have a Scribus fail. I'll be upgrading this box tomorrow night,
so will be able to say more then.

As a test

cd Scribus
make clean
make install

see if it helps.


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