[Scribus] Re : Linux Journal Article

Atlantic Tech Solutions tech
Thu Nov 6 22:42:39 CET 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 06:09, C?dric GEMY wrote:
> -- 
> Yes it is an interesting article.
> As you propose it may be interesting to add DTP applications comparison. If 
> nobody else wants to do this (especially Peter), I can try. The only trouble is 
> that i'm still working on Scribus 1.0, so that i'll be limited in new 
> functions.
> I think it is more important for me and french user to translate this article 
> first.
Agreed 100%. That is useful factual material, as opposed to an opinion. 

> Peter what do yoy think about this ?

I think the French translators: Yves, Cedric and Yann have done a really
superb job. There is far more material translated into French than any
other language, as far as I can see. Moreover, the translations are
excellent and clearly written, even to a non-native French speaker.
*That* is doubly difficult with technical docs.

As for the Linux Journal article, there is a specific clause which I
agreed to allow them translation rights, but I do not think it is
perpetual. I will have to find out more. I do retain the copyright. The
article, updated of course, will be added to the main docs very soon.

As for a comparison - to me a feature by feature comparison is less
useful. Scribus does have some very special and unique features, which I
have not been shy about highlighting. Having worked with most of the
major DTP apps (I'll plead ignorance of any modern version of Ventura),
they all have strengths and virtues, as well as some glaring weaknesses.

Just my 0.02 USD,

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