[Scribus] Fedora released

Paul paul
Thu Nov 6 00:02:22 CET 2003


Just to let you know that Fedora Core has been officially released. This
is what would have been RedHat 10 if RedHat hadn't decided to ditch the
desktop and move to an "enterprise edition".

Lots of bells, whistles, speed improvements, security improvements and
just about everything else you'd expect. It is working from the 2.4.22
kernel by default. Plus, it is capable of taking the 2.6.0 kernel
(either precompiled or compiled yourself) without modification which
really does help things to fly.

FTP sites are currently syncing, but for the best results, use
bittorrent - it's damned fast.

There are no problems installing it over a current version of RH (and
you can preserve your /home, /usr/local and anywhere else you want to
preserve when you install as well) and just about everything I've tested
works well. Scribus really works wonderfully on it

Download and enjoy.

If anyone wants a copy of the CDs and is willing to pay for the media
(it is post free [UK only], in total, it'll be 2 UKP), please email me
off list and I will get them done on Friday and posted then as well.


(a happy chappy)
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One browser to find them
One email client to bring them all
And through security holes, blind them...

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