[Scribus] Multiple Objects Bug in 1.1.2

Wayne Maeda iw
Mon Nov 3 12:24:40 CET 2003

I reported this bug earlier but wondered whether it was fixed in the new 
version. Well, I finally was able to compile 1.1.2 after a series of 
failures. However, the same bug is still there. The problem happens when 
"snap to guides" is turned on. 

1. Create a couple of guides: one vertical and one horizontal.
2. Turn on "Snap to Guides" 
3. Create several small objects such as rectangles or circles.
4. Note the relationship between the objects.
5. Select them all.
6. Either move them across the guides or group them first, then move them 
across the guides.
7. Release the mouse button, then move again.

If you keep moving them across the guides, the distance between objects will 
change and it shouldn't. This also happens when you use the "multiple 
duplicate" command.


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