[Scribus] disappearing textbox

Paul paul
Mon Nov 3 00:01:53 CET 2003

> > First, which distro, PDF viewer and vsn Qt. Also, do you have lcms
> > loaded?. Second can you email the file to myself or Franz so we can
> > check the problem?
> > 
> RedHat 8
> qt-3.0.5-17

It is recommeded that you use 3.1 of Qt as there were quite a few
problems with 3.0.5 (3.2.1 is a hell of a lot more efficient and

> acrobat5 and xpdf
> I don't know what lcms is, and can't find any reference to it, so no, I
> don't have it.

lcms is Little Color Management System. Just means you have far greater
control over colours. Not essential, but nice.

> I'll email the file to you shortly.

Try the newer Qt first.


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