python really crashing (was: Re: [Scribus] crashing with python)

Johannes Wilm j
Sat Nov 1 10:43:58 CET 2003

I know how to crash it now. :-)
Make a new doc with one text box and some text in it, don't save it, select 
the text box, run the following script, click on the text box. CRASH!

from scribus import *
TextBox = GetSelectedObject()
b = GetText(TextBox)
Letter = b[0]
SetText(b[1:], TextBox)
c = GetPosition(TextBox)
X = c[0]
Y = c[1]
dropCapBox = TextBox+'-dropCap'
CreateText(X, Y, 20, 45, dropCapBox)
SetFontSize(30, dropCapBox)
SetLineSpacing(1, dropCapBox)
SetText(Letter, dropCapBox)

Johannes Wilm

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