[Scribus] YDL question

Steve Herrick steveh
Sat Nov 1 01:01:22 CET 2003

I have had endless computer trouble recently, part of which has to do with
Scribus 1.1.1. I have Yellow Dog Linux 2.3, despite three weeks of trying to
download version 3.0. I attempted to install freetype, as it's a dependency. I
think I succeeded, but Scribus (CVS) wouldn't acknowledge it. I was able to
start Scribus (source) once and use it for about an hour, but then it crashed so
hard that when I rebooted the machine (to restart my wireless connection), it
couldn't bring up X. I spent three days fixing that, and I still think it was
more luck than skill that brought it back. Anyway, the only recognizable error
during that time had to do with freetype. So the question is, am I right in
assuming that Yellow Dog 2.3 simply can't handle freetype 2.1.0+ (and therefore,
Scribus 1.1.1+)?


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