[Scribus] Linux on PPC?

Steve Herrick steveh
Wed May 21 04:27:55 CEST 2003

Franz Schmid wrote:

> I'm using as a second System an old Umax Pulsar (Mac Clone from 1997) under
> Linux PPC, Scribus run well on that. A little bit slow (only 233 MhZ) but
> it works.


> There is also a FINK port of Scribus available for MacOSX, but I haven't
> tried it because my old Mac couldn't run MacOSX.

Last time I checked (months ago), the Fink port was hopelessly outdated. 
For now, it's enough to have Scribus at work. Eventually, though, I'll 
take the plunge. Now the only missing piece is Kino. Anyone know if that 
  rubs on PPC? :)

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