[Scribus] Huge PDF file export :(

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef
Mon May 19 12:42:58 CEST 2003

 "Claus Paludan" <cpaludan at worldonline.dk> wrote:

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>I am running Scribus 0.9.9 and the latest version of GhostSript. Last 
>night I tried to create a pdf file - it contained 3 pics at 50kb in 
>average and only one page of document. But the PDF file ended up between 
>3.5Mb and 9.5Mb depending on the settings in the pdf export pages.
>Any have an idea of how to change this? Exporting the full document (6 
>pages and 12 pics) from OpenOffice only gives a just under 1 mb PDF. 

I experienced the same problem with 0.9.9, resulting in a file of about 30 MB fr a reasonable small docu. Scribus memory usage was skyrocketing (200MB and more) at the same time (and went down again after the export was finished). I haven't tried 0.9.10 yet.


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