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Patrick magicpage91
Tue May 13 03:58:29 CEST 2003

On Tue, 13 May 2003 00:59:13 +0200
Johannes Wilm <j at indymedia.no> wrote:

> >
> > > By the way, can the mailinglist not be set to have an automatic
> > > reply-to back to the mailinglist? that would mean that one doesn't
> > > have to hit"reply all" and thereby send lots of double emails to
> > > the original authors...
> >
> > That's up to your email client. Personally, under Evolution, I just
> > have the mailing lists email address set up so I type scr and that's
> > that. I also delete the original posters names (so in the to box,
> > all I have is scribus)
> Yes, but the point is, that it mailman has an option to put in a
> "Reply-to" header so that everyone who clicks the "Reply" button
> autamtically sends to the mailing list and not the author of the mail.
> I have experienced the same on several other mailing lists. As soon as
> one puts it in, the number of emails being send with the reply-all
> function drops significantly.

Since you are using KMail 1.5.9, all you need to do is press "L" to
reply to any mail back to the list.  You can also go into the folder
properties, if you have a Scribus folder & filter working, to have it
direct all replies to the list instead of the user.  I use Sylpheed for
this list and the preferences allow you to set it up so that the "reply"
button goes to the list and All goes to the sender.


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