[Scribus] screenshots of scribus 0.9.10 cvs

Johannes Wilm j
Sat May 10 12:38:19 CEST 2003

What about that idea to specify the line spacing directly in percentages for 
those that do want it adjusted automatically?

On Saturday 10 May 2003 10:12, Franz Schmid wrote:
> To clarify some of the issues with linespacing:
> If you select a Text Frame with the Selection Tool you can
> set the Default Textsize and Linespacing with the Measurement
> Palette. Changing the Textsize adjust the Linespacing automatically,
> by default it's set to Textsize + 20 % of the Textsize (can be changed
> in the Preferences).
> In Text Editing Mode changing the Textsize doesn't affect the Linespacing,
> this is done this way because it's undesireable that one smaller Character
> affects the whole Line. BTW: in every commercial DTP App (Quark, Pagemaker
> or InDesign) it's done the same way.
> If you want to use different Linespacings for different Paragraphs you
> should use Paragraph-Styles.
> Best Regards,
> Franz Schmid

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