[Scribus] Kerning pair and Cwidth()

Иван Лох loh
Fri May 9 14:16:12 CEST 2003

Hi All,

There is a very impressive progress in the scribus font handling subsystem 
in last time. But one important moment is lost yet. It is the pair kerning.
With freetype2 library, it is possible use kerning pair info with 
  /* <Function>                                                            */
  /*    FT_Get_Kerning                                                     */
  /* <Description>                                                         */
  /*    Returns the kerning vector between two glyphs of a same face.      */
  /* <Input>                                                               */
  /*    face        :: A handle to a source face object.                   */
  /*    left_glyph  :: The index of the left glyph in the kern pair.       */
  /*    right_glyph :: The index of the right glyph in the kern pair.      */
  /*    kern_mode   :: See @FT_Kerning_Mode for more information.          */
  /*                   Determines the scale/dimension of the returned      */
  /*                   kerning vector.                                     */
  /* <Output>                                                              */
  /*    akerning    :: The kerning vector.  This is in font units for      */
  /*                   scalable formats, and in pixels for fixed-sizes     */
  /*                   formats.                                            */

I am not programmer really and do not see scribus sourses in detail...
but I see that modification Cwidth() function in utils.cpp for kerning to
two char arguments can be good step now.

Alexey Petrov

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