[Scribus] linespacing 'leading'

Bart Alberti bart
Thu May 8 16:33:22 CEST 2003

    I too find the screen shot example. The line spacing is quite evidently
NOT tied to the size of the type. One does it manually. Line spacing is
called "leading" in the Anglo-saxon areas as the printers set slug of lead
of varying size between the lines. Quark has an automatic feature -- I have
no idea how hey do it -- which generally is 20% as a factor. 12 pt type
carries a leading of 14.4. This may be adjusted.
This was disconcerting to me at first; perhaps it should be flagged in some
dialog that the leading must be set dependently. If one erases or manually
changes the selected text  then indeed it is difficult to figure out what
the underlying effective leading is currently in effect. Word Perfect I
think has a status bar that shows or can show (options) what is in effect
where the cursor is.

Bart Alberti
bart at solozone.com

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