[Scribus] 2 font problems & 1 crash & 1 issue

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Wed May 7 15:56:25 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 11:07, Johannes Wilm wrote:
> Maybe I didn't state myself clearly: I do understand that you for some reason 
> want to have that scrapbook sollution. The problem is just, that when people 
> place some text besides the document, it seems to disappear completely. Now I 
> would consier that a hge problem.  What if one moves the mouse too far to the 
> right by accident and wups - the enitre text box with all styling is gone! 
> Can't you just diaable the possibility to move anything in that "dark hole" 
> besides the document?

Now I see what you mean. I did not want to sound like I was lecturing. <g>

The text box does not really disappear. It is still within the file. You just can't see
it. I tested this with different objects like text frames, paths etc.

To retrieve wayward objects which have "disappeared":

Go to tools > Show Outline. Expand this a bit until you see three columns.
Click the plus sign to for the relevant page. Then look at the measurements, for example with A4 pages
no object should have an X-Pos of more than 210 mm. Then select the object or text frame,
then go to Edit > Modify and change the X-Pos to a measurement which will snap your missing object back on the page.

One other trick I find useful, especially with text frames and section is finished or I want to work with other objects
I Right-Click > Lock. This prevents text from disappearing like you have had, plus, on my relatively slow machine, it speeds
up text redraws. This is really useful with longer text-oriented docs. Franz was kind enough to put the lock function in about a week
after I asked him about it because. I am sometimes clumsy with the mouse ;)

This sounds like a good thing to add to the docs.

Hope that helps,

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