[Scribus] Bonus-work...

Linus Gasser ineiti
Mon May 5 08:48:01 CEST 2003

On Friday 02 May 2003 21:39, Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> > > PS: Sometimes I get the feeling that lots of people think the only
> > > advantage of GPLed software is that it's for free. You want a feature?
> >
> > Leave him alone and let's all of us send him a cool beer instead. Is that
> > OK with you Paul?
> Beer is good. If anyone is in St. Helens (Merseyside) or Salford, I'm
> always up for a couple of ice colds ;-)

Heh, I'm in Europe, Switzerland. But a free beer is always cool. Well, after 
it's been in the fridge, anyway...
 But OK, I just thought it would be a possibility to make some $ with 
software, I still dream about being able to make a living with free software. 
Well, as an engineer at EPFL (University in Switzerland) I come pretty close 
to this ideal, but still...

have a nice day, and don't forget this beer ;-)


PS: This is why I usually sign Ineiti and not Linus. Too much confusion...

Linus Gasser
Chemin des C?dres 1
1004 Lausanne
021 647 53 05

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