[Scribus] compile error w/o Qt-thread - exec err Debian Woody

hugo vanwoerkom hugovanwoerkom
Sun May 4 19:05:54 CEST 2003

I wanted to see if scribus could edit a pdf so I
installed the debian woody version (which is 0.6)
and got

fatal parsing error: error while parsing element
in line 1 
fatal parsing error: error while parsing prolog
in line 1 
Parsing error

Followed by a segfault.

So I downloaded the 0.8 tarball and compiled that
with --disable-mt because I have 3.1.1 installed
(both x11 and embedded) but without thread
support. That fails because in line 86 of
main.cpp there is a call to a.unlock() which
ain't around because there is no thread support...

All of this is moot if scribus is unable to edit
a pdf file, like Adobe can, which I prefer not to

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