[Scribus] Compiling without errors

Patrick magicpage91
Sat May 3 00:58:51 CEST 2003

Ok gang,
Just got rid of the errors from the last file Paul sent out.  This is
the 010503 file.  Seems 3 files need to be fixed in order to get it to
compile:  debug.cpp, Makefile.am & Paul's "fixed" main.cpp!  Paul may be
able to detail those in order for others to have a successful compile

I also am curious about why you have a "-s" as a compile flag, even
though configure says "--disable-debug" defaults to no?  This basically
strips out all debugging information from the binary.

Here are the fixes as I did them:

edit main.cpp (Paul's replacement) line 40

 change string debug = "Scribus started";

 to: QString debug = "Scribus started";


now edit debug.cpp
 add this line, right after the other #include lines
 #include <qstring.h>
then line 25
 change void debug_msg(string method, string message)
 to void debug_msg(QString method, QString message)
 then change these lines
 string file = getenv("$HOME") + "/scribus-debug.txt";
 <       debugdata.open(file, ios::append);
 to this
 QString file = getenv("HOME");
 debugdata.open(file, ios_base::app);
 and finally just delete the two lines with cerr <<

and finally,

 now edit scribus/Makefile.am
 add debug.cpp to scribus_SOURCES, SOURCES and EXTRA_DIST

That's it, all done!  Now do your normal stuff, make -f Makefile.dist,
./configure, make, make install

You should have a bright new shiney version of Scribus to play with now!
 I don't think I have missed anything, blame my copying & pasting if it
doesn't work!  I wish I could take credit for all this too, but alas, I
give credit where credit is due.  A very nice gentleman in Sweden helped
me locate this and come up with the fixes.  He is my hero and I hope to
grow up one day to be just like him!  Very smart and know how to debug
C++!  ;o)


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