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Linus Gasser ineiti
Fri May 2 12:30:19 CEST 2003

On Friday 02 May 2003 10:30, PFJ wrote:
> My full time job is IT Support Officer at Salford University, I do some
> contract work for friends. Problem with mixing the two for something
> like scribus is that the paid for work couldn't really be incorporated
> into the final app, but would have to be released as the final binary
> includes GPL code.

Some time ago people began talking about 'bonusses' given out for 
accomplishing this or that feature. One of the most famous is perhaps the 
X-Box bonus paid by the guy from lindows. AFAIK, the code is still GPLed. So, 
you wouldn't do a special version for Mr. Johnson which would include what he 
asks for. Rather he'd pay you a bonus for your efforts to concentrate on 
implementing this special feature instead of doing something else (like going 
out with your wife - Mr. Johnson better had to have a good offer ;-)
 So, I didn't propose that you make a special version for Mr. Johnson. I just 
thought it would be nice of him to pay you something if you implement this 
much-needed (from his point of view) function that he only found in other, 
much more expensive closed-source versions.


PS: Sometimes I get the feeling that lots of people think the only advantage 
of GPLed software is that it's for free. You want a feature? Instead of 
waiting a year and pay for a new version like you'd have to do with a 
commercial product, just ask for it and you get it for free.
 I think it's a pitty and it's wrong to think like that. GPLed software has 
come a long way, and I think it isn't wasted money to say: here you have some 
money for this or that feature. And yes, I did already contribute to a 
project in that way...

PPS: I started a new thread, just in case somebody is interested in discussing 
bonus work for GPL ;-)

PPPS: And if you scream: off-topic, just re-read the thread that started with 
the title 'command line interface'...

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