[Scribus] Command line interface?

PFJ paulf.johnson
Fri May 2 10:30:33 CEST 2003


> seems that paul johnson is a contract programmer and begins to know scribus 
> quite well. So, look how much you think this feature is worth and make an 
> offer to him! I'm sure he'll be glad to work for you if the price is right 
> ;-)

My full time job is IT Support Officer at Salford University, I do some
contract work for friends. Problem with mixing the two for something
like scribus is that the paid for work couldn't really be incorporated
into the final app, but would have to be released as the final binary
includes GPL code.

A simpler solution would be to spec out exactly what you need and then
either Franz or I will look at it and see how it could possibly be done
and how best to do it.



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