[Scribus] ISO 8859-2 Issues: More testing...

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Mon Mar 31 19:29:52 CEST 2003

1. Wrong kerning after Polish "l stroke" on Mandrake 9.0:

    * I tried out all fonts available on Mdk 9.0 and a number of
      standard Windows TTF fonts
    * The only font where the problem with wrong kerning after "l
      stroke" doesn't occur is LUXI (all styles)

2. Saving Scribus documents with ISO 8859-2 fonts:

    * I put some words  including Polish diacritics into a text field
      using "Insert special" and Luxi Mono - everything looked great
    * I saved the document and reopened it again: Polish characters were
      now lost and replaced by question marks
    * A swift look into the document source:
      In the "Document" element there is an empty attrribute called
      Language="" (I  dimly remeber seeing Language="Deutsch" in a
      Scribus document which was created from a German version of Scribus)
      The "IText" element reads as follows:  <ITEXT CAB="1"
      CCOLOR="Black" CSIZE="17" CH="Ma?ysz Wa??sa Kwa?niewski Ha?ski"
      CSHADE="100" CSTYLE="0" CFONT="Luxi Mono Medium" CEXTRA="0" />
      The contents of the CH attribute (please note the question marks)
      prove that Polish diactritics get lost on saving the document.

  3. PDF export results and the original *.sla documenent are included 
in the attachement

Many regards
Maciej Hanski
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