[Scribus] Scribus 0.9.8 and wishlist

Steve Jacobs steve
Fri Mar 28 01:54:46 CET 2003

Scribus 0.9.8 is great. The new docs are great, too. Many thanks.

Wishlist: Are tabs going to start working anytime soon? The day this happens we can pretty much move everything to Scribus and say a final (not fond) farewell to Windows. One of my main clients is a weekly newspaper, now using PageMaker and NT, very entuiastic about Scribus (I've been automating their content management for years with Python, so Scribus will fit right in). Tabs are the only thing stoping us. I get an email every week or so from them asking if Scribus' tabs are turned on yet.

Thanks again. Regards,



Steve Jacobs
Steve Jacobs & Associates
Trinidad, Colorado, US

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