[Scribus] wunschliste

alessandro rimoldi xale
Thu Mar 27 01:03:39 CET 2003

hallo franz,

0.98 ist gerade rausgekommen, und jetzt macht es fast mehr
sinn meine "nicht mehr so kleine" wunschliste zu schreiben...

da ist sie:

- when i apply a template wich defines some guides this
guides are added to the guides already in the page... if
i apply a serie of templates (one after the other...) to a
page it ends up with a mess of guides!
i see two solutions:
  - the clean but maybe more complicated one is to put the
guides in a layer relative to the template so that
changing the tempate results in replacing the guides that
hadn't been create for that specific page
  - the easier solution could be to implement a "clear
all" button in the guides dialog... it would then be
easier to clean up the guides before applying the new

- when a document is defined "double face" it should be
possible to really define left and right templates... that
means that a new order in the page will produce a change
in the template of the page! (left/right new order) (left
and right template with the same name?)

- it would be nice to have a "insert character" menu...
wich, maybe, could also insert the page number as really
special character! (an wich could allow to insert --)

- in order to increase the speed, i think it could be
interesting to be able to show only two facing pages at
the time... the scroll bars would navigate only between
that pages and the pull down menu would allow to go to the
 other ones...

- recognizing style tags would be really a nice gift!
(<style_name> at the beggining of a paragraph would
set this style_name as the style of the paragraph!) ...
simple tags in the text could switch between the forms of
the fonts (bold/italic/...) or their propreties.

- i think that the scrapbook should auto save it's new
elements... since sometimes scribus crashes without clean
exiting... (but i've just discovered that it autosaves on
exiting... it could also be an option in the preferences
to auto save on adding...)

- in the preferences it should be possible to say that the
elements should (or should not) have automatically the
"text flowing around" box checked...

- when copy/pasting the elements, they should get a unique
name ("copy of item 0" and "copy of item 0" conflict with
one another when trying to change some properties...)
  maybe, the name should be optional... but when it's set
it should appear in the outline tool...

- it should be possible to select a whole paragraph even
if it flows from a text box into an another chained text
box (this seems difficult...)

- if a paragraph has a style and some characters in it
have another format (smaller...), the new characters i
type between these should also have the other format.

- the langauge of a textframe should be defined among the
properties of that frame! under "preferences" there should
just be the default language. it would be even better if
the language could be defined for every paragraph (as in
pagemaker) or even in every character (as in open
office)... but that could mean a bigger change in scribus!

- in the style definition it should be possible to define
all the characteristics wich appear in the text tab of the
 "measurement tool"... (color and character spacing...
maybe not italic and bold since it's better to set them
with the different fonts). on the other side all the
elements of the styles should be present in the
"measurement tool"... the indent is missing there... i
think it should be necessary to distinguish between a
"character" tab and a "paragraph" tab in that tool.

- when the copy/paste clipboard is full, the item "paste"
should appear in the context menu ...

- i would put the "show page palette" item under the page
menu... maybe also under tools... "edit/styles" should
also be under the menu "styles"... and "edit/templates"
under "page"...

- with a modifier key and a click it should be possible to
magnify the text...

voila', je crois que c'est bon pour ce soir! :-)))

doing this review i found several bugs corrected in 0.98!
franz, again, you did an incredible job! scribus is
getting better and better... without becoming too complicated!

and it just works! (as long as it doesn't crash :-)))

i'm producing with a newsletter for a linux group and for
that job it's really great... and i whish to scribus that
it will become a tool capable of "serious" jobs in the
typographical world!

franz, i'm sure that, here on the list, there are many
people who will help you with tips, code and very hard

againg, happy birthday and a long life to scribus!


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