[Scribus] Display speed

Yves Le Seigle yvesleseigle
Mon Mar 24 14:23:35 CET 2003

Linus Gasser wrote:

4 - Display Speed. Make it faster. Even on a 2GHz
computer with decent RAM each redraw takes up to a
second if there is lots of text. Don't imagine it on a
500MHz alpha or so (where I also use it. Kudos to 
cross-platform!). It's not possible to write a long
paragraph without looking at the computer typing my
phrase once I typed it in.

* This is a serious issue to be solved. I run a K6-2
400Mhz and the screen redraw is seriously way TOO slow
to use in a production environment. For this reason, I
can't drop PageMaker. *

Bonjour chez-vous.

L?che-vitrine ou l?che-?cran ?

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