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ineiti ineiti
Mon Mar 24 11:10:44 CET 2003

On Monday 24 March 2003 00:39, Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> Franz and I are trying to put together a definative wishlist for
> Scribus, so in our copious free time when not developing the greatest
> Linux DTP package *ever*, we can develop something other folks want.

Wishlist? I got some. I put a 1 - easy to 5 - hard in front of it :)

1 - Save 'snap to grid' in config-file

2 - Better selection of objects. Example: make a big rectangle and put a
 small rectangle of text inside. Now click first on the outer rectangle and
 then on the text. It doesn't select the text, but still the rectangle. Even
 if the rectangle is in the background.
 One solution could be to always select the smallest object in a perimeter of
x pixels from the mouse-pointer. So even if you click a bit off a small line,
you're still OK...

3 - Text-entry: perhaps the philosophy of Scribus is to enter the text
 through a text-file. But most of the time I just want to enter some small
 text, and this means I like to have the following keys:
- <home> and <end> only working on the current line, not beginning and end of
- <shift>+cursor marking text
- cut and paste from external applications
 Also tabs would be really nice!

3 - Debug-mode. I never got a good debugging-mode working. The project I'm
working on now has a cool feature: if the program crashes, I type 'make
debug' and it starts directly in the debugger. And this works even with
dynamic libraries and some magic in the linking-scripts. If you do this, you
would get lots of crash-reports from an alpha user ;-)

3 - Font-selection: If even in the first level of font-list one could have an
idea of how the fonts look. OK, you list font-families, and it might not
always be accurate to show an example for a whole font-family, but I think
one could get an idea.

4 - Display Speed. Make it faster. Even on a 2GHz computer with decent RAM
each redraw takes up to a second if there is lots of text. Don't imagine it
on a 500MHz alpha or so (where I also use it. Kudos to cross-platform!). It's
not possible to write a long paragraph without looking at the computer typing
my phrase once I typed it in.

4 - Enhance the printing:
- business-card: only one small layout is done, and scribus copies it in a
 way that it fills a whole page.
- merge pages: sometimes I want to have two A5-pages to fit on a A4 page. The
most easy way to do this for the moment is to create two A4 pages, print to
kprinter and make 2-pages. It would be nice if it would be possible to merge
the layout to fit on bigger (or even smaller, to make posters) pages.
- booklet: some scripts already exist, but my wife can't use them ;-) So if
 it would be possible to have all pages printed in a way to make an easy
 booklet, this would be nice.

5 - Documentation: OK, long time I didn't look at the source-code anymore.
 So, if it has been done in the meantime, cool! But some good document about
 the different classes, what is where, some nice comments...

Hmm, I stop here, I think I could come up with some more if you really want
 to ;-) Anyway, keep up the good work, and sorry for the things I cited that
 are already done. Last version I used was 0.9.7. But some comments date from
 earlier versions...

Have a very nice day,


PS: Paul, sorry for the double-post. I just learnt about the 'l' key in kmail, 
this should help for the future...

Linus Gasser
Chemin des C?dres 1
1004 Lausanne
021 647 53 05

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