[Scribus] shortcut keys

Oliver Keller oli
Fri Mar 21 17:00:12 CET 2003


i noticed that there is still no complete shortcut keys list 
available.(or at least i couldn't find it)

In my opinion this is not completely trivial, because the first two 
shortcuts are barely documented - probably because they have no 
equal menu entry!

So these are the results of my search for 'CTRL' and 'ALT' in the 
sources: (note that these are just the default keys; one can change 
these and define a few more within the preferences dialog)

Special characters:
Alt + -(hyphen)	insert a smart hyphen
		hyphen only shows up if needed (very usefull)
ALT + #		insert page number (very nice on template pages!)
		works like CTRL + 3 in xpress

Document handling:
CTRL + N	create new document
CTRL + S	save document
CTRL + W	close document
CTRL + O	open existing document
CTRL + P	open printing dialog
CTRL + I	show document info
CTRL + Q	quit scribus

Edit text and objects:
CTRL + C	copy
CTRL + V	paste
CTRL + X	cut
CTRL + K	delete
CTRL + A	select all
CTRL + Z	undo

Text aligning:
CTRL + L	align left
CTRL + E	align center
CTRL + R	align right

Object handling:
CTRL + M	open modify object dialog
CTRL + D	duplicate object
CTRL + G	group objects
CTRL + U	ungroup objects
CTRL + H	lock/unlock ojects

CTRL + 1	actual size (100%)
CTRL + 0(null)	fit in window

Hope this helps at least somebody who's
searching for a page number feature,

p.s. maybe thats something for the docs (-> Peter?)
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