[Scribus] Install Suse 8.1

Ashley Gittins agittins
Tue Mar 11 03:46:34 CET 2003

Hi Peter,
	Sorry, I don't speak German, but fortunately error messages are universal :-)

Did you compile Scribus from sources yourself, or did you download an RPM?

If you used a Scribus RPM, I would try getting the source tarballs, and 
compiling it yourself - that may fix any undefined symbol errors. Also make 
sure that the qt rpm's that you installed match the version of qt that you 
are running.

I'm sorry if I've missed the point though, there are others here who do speak 
german so perhaps they can be of more assistance (perhaps by providing a 


On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 06:07 am, Schmidt P?ter wrote:
> Hello,
> ich bin Peter Schmidt. Jetzt lerne ich die deutsche Sprache, deshalb ich
> mich entschuldige, wenn ich nicht richtig schreiben kann.
> Ich habe Suse Linux 8.1. Ich sollte das Scribus ansiedeln.
> Ich siedelte noch zu Suse Linux 8.1 das xdevel.rpm, das  qt-devel.rpm und
> das lesstif-devel.rpm, libtiff.rpm, tiff.rpm.
> Als ich das Scribus starte, das schreibt diese Fehler-Botschaft;
> scribus: relocation error: scribus: undefined symbol: __ti7QWidget
> Was kann ich tun?
> Danke und Gr?sse;
> Peter

        Ashley Gittins

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