[Scribus] Feature request

Dylan VanHerpen dylan
Thu Mar 6 04:21:06 CET 2003

Some keyboard modifiers:

- When 'Snap-to' functionality is turned off, pressing 'SHIFT' will let 
you snap to the grid, guides or the page borders.
- When in 'edit contents' mode in a text frame, pressing 'ALT' will let 
you grab the frame anywhere and move it.
- Pressing 'CTRL' while rotating the scroll-wheel on a mouse zooms in/out.

Some other stuff: preview RIPs with Ghostview where you can zoom in to 
pixel-level at the resolution of your printer to prevent bad 
screens/moire (not my idea, Calamus could do this at 3000 dpi on an Atari!).

Dylan (who's always glad to have an audience for his rantings).

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