[Scribus] some font related stuf

P Linnell plinnell
Tue Mar 4 14:24:04 CET 2003

I looked at the docs in question. There is definitely something with the
doc. I opened it up in a text editor and there is a missing LANGUAGE=


Here is the scrambled text:

<ITEXT CAB="0" CCOLOR="Black" CSIZE="36" CH="????dsfggfdsgfdsdfg??"

CSHADE="100" CSTYLE="0" CFONT="Impact Medium" CEXTRA="0" />

As for the EPS, this is the message I get from GSview:

Substituting .notdef for seven
%GSVIEW_PDF_MARK: /OUT /View [/Fit] /Page 1 /Title (PoY\341dn\375 text
jako v\355no...)
Substituting .notdef for rcaron

This suggests a problem with the glyph naming in this font.

My guess this could be caused by:

1) A bad .afm for the font, if it is a TT font

2) Something not right in fonts.dir

3) Something messed up in the font encoding. 

Looking over the problems, it might be a Mandrake bug, as I have not
seen the same problems. I even hooked up a French keyboard and launched
Scribus with lang=fr no problems with display or input on RH 8.0. 

Hope that helps,

On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 11:34, Petr Van?k wrote:
> good afternoon
> I've got some strange behaviour with eps exported pages...
> see:
> http://www.yarpen.cz/comp/scribus/
> and I've lost "national characters" when I try to reopen
> the scd.gz file. see:
> http://www.yarpen.cz/comp/scribus/scd_VS_scdgz/
> let's hope there is franz subsribed into this list...
> let's hope... and when he start comment his code,
> it'll be a day for a bottle of rum - JOHOHO! :)

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