[Scribus] Thumbs up!

Van Herpen, Dylan dvanherpen
Mon Mar 3 19:50:58 CET 2003

Looks like most of the major features are in place. Very impressive for 
essentially a one-man project. Scribus may well restore the fine German 
tradition of DMC Calamus!

Here's a wish list after playing around with 0.97 over the weekend:

- Lock Guides (I keep moving them accidentally)
- Fonts look bitmapped when magnified
- Tab control (set tab stops, tab-leaders)
- External program associations (text-editor, Gimp)
- Allow different page orientations for multi-page pubs (e.g. one landscape page in a mostly portrait publication)
- The snap-to-guide function only seems to work when you arrange objects, not when you create a new text box
- Transparency

Great job.

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