[Scribus] scribus under mdk 9

Subash Jeyan nsjeyan
Mon Mar 3 15:12:45 CET 2003


On Mon,  3 Mar 2003 03:49:24 +0000
Steve Herrick <steveh at greens.org> wrote:
> I also am not using Scribus professionally (I'm curious if anyone is),
> but I would like to in the near future. I'm still struggling with
> fonts displaying correctly (versions 0.9.5 - 0.9.8 beta). 

i would also like to in the future. but what exactly is the problem
regarding fonts? i've scribus 0.9.7 compiled under mandrake 9 (scribus
wouldn't compile with the default liblcms and liblcms-devel that ships
with mandrake 9; i had to compile lcms from the source) and i have over
100 fonts available for scribus. ttf and postscript fonts that i
installed using ttmkfdir, mkfontdir and chkfontpath --add.

another thing is that when scribus is run for the first time (or
subsequently with the .scribus dir deleted/renamed) all the menus appear
nicely anti-aliased. from the second run onwards, the anti-aliased menus
disappear. not that i mind that very much. but the text in the text
boxes still remains anti-aliased. openoffice exhibits the same behaviour
under mdk 9. i am sure it varies from distro to distro.

regards, subash.

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